Austrop: Australian Tropical Research Foundation


Volunteers assist in research and Station activities:

  • Radio-tracking bats
  • Counting figs
  • Stomping grass for forest regeneration
  • Constructing Station buildings
  • Digging holes
  • Running the Bat House (Austrop's Visitor Center)
  • Whatever else is necessary!

They are our lifeblood! The normal stay is 2-3 weeks but extensions are available at the discretion of the Director (and are rarely refused).

Be prepared to be the only volunteer for a week or so. Self-motivation and independence are essential, but teamwork is essential when working with others.

An interest in conservation, the environment or native species - both flora and fauna, would be an added bonus.

You should NOT expect to be tagging around behind a learned scientist for the duration of your stay or have your own project - but it still will be a thoroughly worthwhile experience!

As we have a colony of spectacled flying foxes - which are our educational animals, it is a requirement for volunteers, interns, students and researchers to have a current rabies vaccination. They are a long-captive colony and are clean – but we are obliged to require anyone who wants to work on bats (any bats), or interact with them, to be immunised. It is highly unlikely that you would contract Australian Bat Lyssavirus (a form of rabies, and an extremely rare disease) from contact with them, however it’s better to be safe than sorry (and it’s the law)!

If you are not vaccinated – you won’t be allowed near the bats, which would be a shame. Besides, if you are travelling, especially in Asia, vaccination against rabies is considered wise. © 1988 - 2015 -